What we teach

Islamic Studies



Islamic Studies Course



Safar Publication Islamic Studies course

  • Well Structured course by professional experts
  • Textbooks and Workbooks
  • Clear progression route
  • Parent involvement and feedback

For more information please check Safar Publications.

Hifdh Course

Hifdh A

  • Essential Duas and Surash Book Sub Levels 1 & 2
  • Covers 3 basic surahs: Fatiha + Falaq + Naas

Hifdh B

4 Sub Levels in 1 year:

  • Revise Sub Level 1 & 2 in first term
  • Sub Level 3 in second term
  • Sub Level 4 in last term

Hifdh C

5 Sub Levels in 1 year:

  • Revise Sub Levels 1 to 4 in first term
  • Sub Level 5 in second term
  • Selected surashs from Juz Amma in last term

Hifdh D

Mostly Juz Amma:

  • Revise Surah book in first term
  • Juz Amma in 2nd and 3rd terms

For more information on Essntial Duas and Surahs Book, please check Safar Publication page.

Arabic Course

The Arabic course aims to develop basic skills of reading and writing of the language. It consists of three levels.

Beginner Level

Target: Ahsan ul Qawaid

    • Identification of letters in different forms
    • Joining letters to make words
    • Ability to read simple arabic phrases

Intermediate Level

Target: Book 1 of Kitabul Arabiya

    • Writing letters and words
    • Simple vocabulary
    • Ability to learn common words / phrases / names

Advanced Level

Target: Book 2 of Kitaul Arabiya

    • More advanced vocabulary
    • Ability to understand simple sentences