Muslim of the Week

A progressive badge scheme

Muslim of the Week is our unique badge scheme that celebrates good behaviour, effort or performance of the students. Every week teachers select Best Muslim of the week from their class for extra ordinary contribution. These students are awarded a white badge. The students keep competing and collecting these badges every week. When a student has three white badges he/she swaps them with a blue badge. Three blue badges become a red badge and so on.


  1. A student is only awarded a single white badge at a time

  2. The decision is made by the teacher of the subject for that week

  3. One Blue badge = 3 white badges

  4. One Red badge = 3 Blue badges = 9 White badges

  5. One Gold badge = 3 Red badges = 9 Blue badges = 27 white badges

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Muslim of the Week League Table

The following table shows the names of the current holders of Muslims of the Week badges since September 2020. Congratulation to all the students! May Allah reward you abundantly and increase your abilities and wisdom. Ameen. Keep up