Basingstoke Supplementary Islamic School

Delivering quality Islamic education in Basingstoke for 5 - 13 years old children

Basingstoke Supplementary Islamic School is a Saturday school for delivering quality Islamic education to the Muslim children of Basingstoke. It is currently organised in the building of Cranbourne School on Saturday mornings from 10:45am to 3pm.

It caters for children of ages 5 to 13 by grouping them into 4 class levels according to age and ability. Each class is taught a pre-designed course by experienced teachers. Some classes also have teaching assistants to help in the classes.

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New Admissions

We have spaces available for all classes starting from 17 September 2022. Kindly come to see us at 11:00am.


Kindly also fill the online admission form.

Teaching Concepts of Islam

We teach essential concepts of Islam e.g:

  • Concept of God

  • Purpose of life

  • Six articles of faith

  • Five pillars of Islam

  • Stories of the Prophets

  • etc

Our goal is to make them good and confident Muslims. We share this responsibility with parents.

Key Features

Happy Children

Fully Equipped Classrooms

Prayers in Congregation

Community Link

Professional Management

Outside Trips

Rewards Schemes

Parent Governors