The school has adopted a syllabus based on the Iqra curriculum ( The Iqra Publication provides course material and curriculums made especially for weekend supplementary schools. The following choice of courses is made to fulfill our stated objectives.

Class Levels & Courses

The school consists of four levels/classes according to age groups:



Courses and Book Names from Iqra Foundation

Level 1
Play group /KG

5 – 7

  1. Islamic Studies:
    • Life and sayings of Rasulullah Colouring book
    • IQRA’ KG Curriculum Vol 1 to 4: Islamic History, Sirah of Rasulullah, Qur’anic Studies, Fiqh and ‘Ibadat
  2. Memorisation of short soorahs: Fatihah, AnNas, AlFalaq, Ikhlas, AlMasad, AnNasar
  3. Memorization of Salah

Level 2

7 – 9

  1. Islamic Studies:
    • Teachings of the Quran Series: Elementary Level, Volume 1
    • Our Faith and Worship: Elementary Level, Volume 1
    • Our Prophet: Makkah Period
    • Our Prophet: Medinah Period
  2. Memorization Target : AlKafiroon, AlKawthar, AlMaun, AlQuraish, Alfeel, AlHamaza, AlAsar, AlTakathur, AlQuraish, AlAadiyat, AzZalzalah, AlBayyinah, AlQadr, AlAlaq, AtTin, AlInshirah

Level 3

9 – 11

  1. Islamic Studies
    • Teachings of the Quran Series: Upper Elementary, Vol 2
    • Our Faith and Worship: Elementary Level, Volume 2
    • Mercy to Mankind: Makkah Period
    • Mercy to Mankind: Medinah Period
  2. Memorisation Target: AdDuha, AlLail and AshShams, AlBalad, AlFajr, AlGhasiyah, AlA’ala

Level 4

11 – 13

  1. Islamic Studies:
    • Teachings of the Quran Series: Volume 3
    • Life of Perfection by Abidullah Ghazi
    • Islamic Tehdib & Ikhlaq (text book)
    • History of khilafae ar Rashida
  2. Memorisation Target: Previous level surahs and AtTariq, AlBuruj, Al‘Inshiqaq, Mutaffifeen, Al-Infitar.

All levels are subject to sufficient registration applications being received. Age groups are for guidance only; pupils may be placed according to their ability.

The course for a class level is completed over a period of two years allowing overlap without repetition.

For more information on these courses please visit the Iqra Foundation website: