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The Basingstoke Supplementary Islamic School has a management structure to run the school efficiently.


The Principal is the Head of the organisation and is responsible for overall management. He/She will make sure that school meets the school objectives. His other duties involve facilitating the other teachers, acquiring needed resources and taking care of the external matters.

The Principal is paid a reasonable salary for his/her services.


Where possible the teachers of the school are well qualified with extensive teaching experience. All teachers are CRB checked so as to assure parents that their children are in safe hands.

The teachers are appointed with a clear contract and are paid for their services, thus making them accountable for their performance. Regular teachers training is provided to maintain a good and consistent teaching standard.

General Secretary (Voluntary role)

A voluntary person is appointed to work as a general secretary to help organise meeting schedules, arrange appointments, take meeting minutes, and help with keeping and filing documentation.

Accountant / Treasurer (Part time)

An accountant will be appointed to supervise the financial records of the school. He/she will also be required to produce an annual audit report that will be available for public inspection.

School Committee

The school committee makes decisions regarding the school by consultation. It consists of:

  • Principal
  • Teachers
  • Parent Governors
  • Treasurer
  • General Secretary