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Welcome to New Academic Year 2015-16

posted 29 Aug 2015, 20:58 by BSIS Admin   [ updated 1 Sep 2015, 17:39 ]
A very warm welcome back after the summer holidays... 
The first term of BSIS Academic Year 2014-15 is starting from Saturday 5/9/2015 Inshallah. 

Term Calendar:

Please have a view of the term calendar and note down the important events highlighted.

Re-registration (10:00 - 11:00 on 5/9/2015)

On the first day we are requesting all students to be re-registered. This includes:
  • Verification of personal details 
  • Payment of new term fees and any remaining balance
  • Confirmation of new class level
For clearing debts and easing the first day pressure we are making special arrangements for enabling extra payment methods exclusively for the Re-registration Day. On this occasion we will accept following payment methods:
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque
  4. Debit or credit card payment for a small surcharge (1.9% + 20p)
We expect advanced payment of all fees and clearing all debt on the day. The re-registration of the student will not be considered completed if accounts are not cleared. If you have any special circumstances or queries about your past account transaction please make an appointment with the accountant to discuss your details. 

Eid Party & Info Sessions (26/9/2015)

This year Eid ul Adha is expected to fall on Wednesday the 23rd of September. On the following Saturday (26/9/2015) we are taking a break from regular teaching to hold a community Eid party. All parents and invited and are requested to bring all their family members, friends neighbours or guests and enjoy the occasion with the Muslim community of Basingstoke.

  • Saturday 26/09/2015 
  • From 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • No classes.
As usual it will be a one dish party so kindly bring a dish to share with others. We plan to hold some party games and entertainment for the kids. This will be a our first public event so kindly participate fully to make it a success.

Parent Info Sessions 

BSIS is a community project and we try to keep the parents informed as much as possible. Therefore on this Eid party teachers will hold short presentations highlighting what they have planned for the new term and year. This is the opportunity to get an insight into our teaching methodology and detailed information about the syllabus and courses. Parents will get an opportunity to ask questions related to teaching, activities or any other aspect of the school.

At the same time parent may like to give feedback, suggestions or offer any voluntary help for school. All in all it is a great way to gather more information and get involved, so please take advantage of it.