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Welcome to New Academic Year 2016-17

posted 16 Sep 2016, 15:55 by BSIS Admin

WELCOME BACK to new school year. The holidays are over. Hope all of you had a wonderful time. 

BSIS classes start from 17 September 2016 at 10:45am. Kindly arrive on time.

Registration for new students is now on. Kindly inform your friends and neighbours who may be interested to get in touch. 


We currently have a few vacancies for the roles of 

1. Class Teacher and 
2. Hifz Assistants. 
3. Sports Organiser

Apart from relevant teaching abilities the most important quality we look for in candidates are their passion to work with the children and dedication for the cause. The teaching roles require serious commitment and professional attitude. Kindly send your CV for consideration.    


Anyone wishing to apply is requested to send a CV to principal@basingstokeislamicschool.org.uk.
We will review the CVs and invite the candidates for an interview and discussion with the team. These positions are paid some minimal compensations: 

Teachers: £8 /hr
Assistants: £10 /day
Junior Assistants: £5/day.


Assalamualikum brothers and sisters, IsA I'll be in the school tomorrow until 12:30 if any parent wants to ask me about an outstanding balance or has a query about an invoice I'm happy to help. 

Regarding the  new term fees we only accept online transfer and all payment details are listed on the school website and please don't forget to put your child's name as a reference. 

Cash and cheques are only accepted to pay any outstanding balances.

Wishing  your children will have a happy start and a successful academic year isA. 

Parent Teacher Meetings 2015-16

posted 3 Jun 2016, 20:57 by BSIS Admin   [ updated 4 Jun 2016, 17:12 ]


The bookings for the parent teacher meeting can be made with teachers through the spreadsheet below. 


The appointments are first come first served basis. Each slot is 10 mins. To make a booking kindly enter the name of student in the cell identified by time slot (row) and teacher's name (column). Kindly do not overwrite any existing booking.

Kindly note the teachers will be sparing their precious time for this as a special favour therefore parents should try to utilise it as much as possible.  

Birdworld Trip Update

posted 13 Nov 2015, 07:48 by BSIS Admin   [ updated 13 Nov 2015, 08:56 ]

BSIS Birdworld Trip

Date: Saturday 14 Nov 2015
Trip leader is Brother Nadeem Syed


Those who are going but have not given their consent forms MUST bring it tomorrow morning and hand in to Brother Nadeem. If you do not give the forms your children may not be taken.

Important Times

Children drop in time:  9:30am
Bus leaves sharp at:    10:00am
Expected arrival time:  4:45pm
Parent pick up time:    5:00pm (we need to leave quickly afterwards)

What to bring

Children should 
  * Bring their lunch and water in light backpacks. 
  * Wear warm clothes. Waterproof jackets with hoodies.

Furthermore they are recommended to 
  * Bring a pen/pencil + notebook to take notes.
  * Bring a digital camera to take pictures (use your old unused camera)
  * Wear wellies, 
  * Bring any ponchos or small umbrellas if they can

Emergency Contacts

If children are carrying mobile phones they should add brother Nadeem's and my phone numbers in their contacts. All children will be given a wristband with these numbers for contacting in case of emergency. They will be in groups lead by the teachers and other members of the staff. Their group details can be seen here: https://goo.gl/qo7zjm

If Not Going

It may be obvious but just want to clarify that if your children are not going, please note there will be no one available at Adworth to attend them. Kindly keep them at home and watch a few bird documentaries with them!!! :) 

Although it may be raining, inshallah children will have a fantastic time observing all the fascinating birds!

Welcome to New Academic Year 2015-16

posted 29 Aug 2015, 20:58 by BSIS Admin   [ updated 1 Sep 2015, 17:39 ]

A very warm welcome back after the summer holidays... 
The first term of BSIS Academic Year 2014-15 is starting from Saturday 5/9/2015 Inshallah. 

Term Calendar:

Please have a view of the term calendar and note down the important events highlighted.

Re-registration (10:00 - 11:00 on 5/9/2015)

On the first day we are requesting all students to be re-registered. This includes:
  • Verification of personal details 
  • Payment of new term fees and any remaining balance
  • Confirmation of new class level
For clearing debts and easing the first day pressure we are making special arrangements for enabling extra payment methods exclusively for the Re-registration Day. On this occasion we will accept following payment methods:
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque
  4. Debit or credit card payment for a small surcharge (1.9% + 20p)
We expect advanced payment of all fees and clearing all debt on the day. The re-registration of the student will not be considered completed if accounts are not cleared. If you have any special circumstances or queries about your past account transaction please make an appointment with the accountant to discuss your details. 

Eid Party & Info Sessions (26/9/2015)

This year Eid ul Adha is expected to fall on Wednesday the 23rd of September. On the following Saturday (26/9/2015) we are taking a break from regular teaching to hold a community Eid party. All parents and invited and are requested to bring all their family members, friends neighbours or guests and enjoy the occasion with the Muslim community of Basingstoke.

  • Saturday 26/09/2015 
  • From 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • No classes.
As usual it will be a one dish party so kindly bring a dish to share with others. We plan to hold some party games and entertainment for the kids. This will be a our first public event so kindly participate fully to make it a success.

Parent Info Sessions 

BSIS is a community project and we try to keep the parents informed as much as possible. Therefore on this Eid party teachers will hold short presentations highlighting what they have planned for the new term and year. This is the opportunity to get an insight into our teaching methodology and detailed information about the syllabus and courses. Parents will get an opportunity to ask questions related to teaching, activities or any other aspect of the school.

At the same time parent may like to give feedback, suggestions or offer any voluntary help for school. All in all it is a great way to gather more information and get involved, so please take advantage of it.

Sports Day & BBQ

posted 10 Jun 2015, 11:03 by Principal BSIS   [ updated 13 Jun 2015, 14:12 ]

Date: Saturday 13 June 2015
Time: 11:00 - 15:00

No study classes on that day... Fun and Activities start from the beginning. Please arrive 10:30 to help us setup the field for races.

Children Activities:

  • Water gun fight 
  • Egg n Spoon Race
  • Three legged Race
  • Water on Head Race
  • 200m Relay Race

Elders Activities:

  • BBQ - need experts urgently
  • Tug of war - start making muscles
Please bring picnic mats, sun glasses & hats. Get your kids some decent water gun. They will love you. Children should bring an extra set of clothes, shoes and towels with them in case they get wet :-)

NOTE: Children must come in their team colour top/t-shirt. All children should know by now their team color. If not please contact me.

Volunteers are needed for managing the activities and arranging BBQ. Kindly let us know if you can help:


  1. Volunteers who can purchase & prepare meat in advance x2
  2. BBQ cooking experts x 3
  3. Drinks table managers x 2
  4. Water guns refil assistants x 4
  5. Race assistants x 6


Would you like to organise a cake sale, ice-cream parlour, face painting booth or something similar to raise funds. Please send your suggestions and ideas.


BBQ meat will be ordered from an HMC Halal place. Contribution will be made during the event to cover the costs. However we need to assess the numbers. Therefore all guests are requested to send confirmation of attendance using the above button.

NON BSIS Children

If you are coming with any children that are not in BSIS but would like to join the activities, kindly register them using the same button above.

Classroom disruption for 31/01/2015

posted 30 Jan 2015, 10:16 by BSIS Admin

Change of Classrooms

For Saturday 31/01/2015 the classes for BSIS are moved to an adjacent block in the school called Salisbury Block. This is due to disruption caused by a couple of events in the school (Children's and Baby market and Table Tennis tournament) on that day.

Kindly drop the children in good time as there may be traffic and parking issues in and around the school due to the above events.

The Salisbury Block is right next to the current building where our regular classes take place. Kindly consult the map below to navigate to new building. However there will also be someone to redirect students coming to old classrooms.

This change of classrooms is only for this week and classes will resume at the regular place from next week.

Spring Term 2015 - Sat 10th Jan 2015

posted 3 Jan 2015, 03:40 by Rehan Ahmad

Welcome to BSIS  Spring Term 2015 !

As displayed on the year 2014-15 calendar, the spring term for the new year 2015 will be starting from Sat 10th January 2015.

The timing will remain as before i.e.
  • Children drop in time: 10:45 am
  • Children pick up time: 3:00 pm
  • Optional Sports activity: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Attendance / Punctuality

Kindly understand that punctuality is very important for the students to reap benefits from all the efforts and preparations that teachers do. We aim to achieve 100% attendance in each class right from the beginning of the sessions. We request the parents to kindly cooperate with us in achieving this goal. 

If you do get late for some genuine reason kindly let us know. We would like to offer any help we can do to overcome any problems you may face.

-- Principal BSIS

Newsletter Autumn 2014

posted 23 Sep 2014, 01:11 by BSIS Admin

Welcoming New Academic Year 2014-15

posted 23 Sep 2014, 00:59 by BSIS Admin


Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa’rahmatullahi Wa Bara’ka’thuhu

Alhamdulillah, all thanks and praise be to Allah (SWT) for giving us another term, another year and another opportunity to serve the community through this Saturday school. We welcome you and your children whole heartedly to our school. We know that you are sharing with us the responsibility of raising your children as strong and pious Muslims. We appreciate the trust and with Allah’s help will do our best to fulfil this responsibility. 

Education is a joint responsibility of home and school, and we work closely with parents to achieve the best for the children. At BSIS we aspire to instil love of Islam in children. We believe once love is there, learning and practising our beautiful religion will be easy and enjoyable. We hope the same passion will be shared by the parents at home.

At BSIS children learn Arabic and Islamic Studies with interesting and fun activities. They are also encouraged to memorise verses and short surahs from Quran. However their first main target will be to learn Salah. This requires significant help from parents to help them revise and practice regularly at home.

Children will be given homeschool diaries where you can see their homework and send notes for the teachers.

The school  day usually finishes with an assembly that gives opportunity for the whole school to come together and pray Zuhar Salah in Jamaat. Afterwards children share their achievements and work with everybody. We give ‘Muslim of the Week’  award to someone from each class to encourage and appreciate good work or behaviour. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly sessions. Special class assemblies are also planned for coming Saturdays featuring presentations by students. Please look out for the invitations.

Kindly ensure that children arrive on time and have a pen, pencil and notebook with them.

Please join us in the prayer for their success in this world and hereafter. May Allah help us deliver the best education and tarbiyyah to our children. Ameen.   

BSIS Principal.

Update on School Trip to British Museum

posted 30 Mar 2012, 09:21 by BSIS Admin   [ updated 5 May 2014, 09:13 ]

Trip Leader: Br OH (Level 4 teacher)

Contact No: 07 ...

Registration for boarding the coach: 10:15 am

Return Time: 6:30pm

Things to Bring with you

Get a small back pack that contains:
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Drink
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Name tag with parent's contact number (for young children)

Groups for the Trip

1-10 of 19